Are There Any Vegan Tires Out There?

Written by Hannah Sentenac,

So if you’ve just started out on the vegan path, it might seem a bit overwhelming. Like, what’s considered vegan? Why is there milk in this random item? And, what products are ok and not ok to buy/use/wear?

We get it — the questions can totally paralyze you. But the whole process is so much easier than you think, once you get some info under your belt! That’s what we’re here for — to help you learn more.

And while it’s obvious to think about the ingredients in processed foods and even cosmetics, there are lots of everyday items that contain animal products than we probably haven’t considered.

Take your tires, for example. I mean, tires are rubber, right? No issues there.

False! Many tires are created using stearic acid, which can be derived from animal products — primarily animal fats. Ew.

(Pretty random to put animal fats into road rubber, but we digress.)

Luckily, if you want to take your veganism to the next level and opt for vegan tires on your car, there is an option! Michelin uses only vegetable and plant-based sources for their products.

And they don’t just make car tires. Michelin also makes tires for all other types of vehicles, including bikes! So you can minimize your environmental footprint and keep the animals safe via your tire choice … who knew?!

Now, if you currently have any brand other than Michelin, don’t give yourself grief. Use ‘em till the tread wears out, and when you’re shopping for a new set — consider Michelin for being ahead of the game!



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