Artist Bio

Constantin Philippou, born May 21, 1972, is a vegan self-taught street artist who goes by the name Le Fou (pronounced “le foo”), which means "the crazy" in French.  Born in Greece, raised in Paris and currently residing in Los Angeles, he has become influenced by widely differing cultures and artistic movements from 500 BCE through the present.  Le Fou began drawing at the age of four. He made his first sale of a Dali replica as a teenager. He uses a combination of mediums for his artwork including graffiti, acrylic, stencil, and 3D printing, among other things.

After learning about the living conditions of animals in factory farms, one of his more prevalent themes became the rendering of famous icons with vegan messages through pop art.  One can see his passion for animals and justice through the direct messages displayed in his work. His mission is simple: make viewers aware of current global problems and that, by making small changes such as going vegan, we all can help reduce the ongoing injustices towards animals and the omnipresent environmental decay and destruction, not to mention the negative impacts on human health.  He agrees with Leo Tolstoy’s quote: “As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will always be battlefields.”  He is a strong believer that by the year 2050 the world will be almost entirely vegan.

Le Fou's work is currently represented at the Lurie Gallery in Los Angeles, and he works in his home studio in DTLA.


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