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Over 70+ billion animals (over 1 trillion, if you include fish) are slaughtered every year for human consumption, putting these animals in an unnecessary condition of pain and suffering, and causing disastrous damage to our environment. Also, the consumption of animal products causes diseases which can be prevented with a plant-based diet.  Vegan Club wants this insanity to stop, and in order to achieve that, we need people to spread love through vegan art and vegan apparel.

We are an activist brand with the main goal of veganizing the world through the subliminal power of vegan artworks and fashion. Every time you wear our apparel and hang our original artworks in your home or office, you assist in driving this necessary social change.

Welcome to the best club! Le Fou


Press coverage

Shoutout LA - July 22, 2021

Meet Constantin Le Fou | Street Artist


Article about Vegan Fashion Show & Vegan Club by Elle Japan

Elle Magazine - February 24, 2019



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Vegan Fashion Week Launches in L.A. With Fashion and Activism

Apparel News - February 07, 2019

"Designs were shown from Dr. Martens, Matea Benedetti, Noemie Devime, Altiir, Bayem, Ecopel, Enda, New Rock, Mink Shoes, Mistohn, Sarah Regensburger, Chloé Trujillo, Vegan Club, WastedLA and Arsayo."


Vegan Club on ABC News Good Morning America

ABC News - May 31, 2017 "Teresa Palmer at Eat Drink Vegan"


Billie Eilish joins "Vegan Club" with Tony Kanal, Miley Cyrus, and Joaquin Phoenix

Veg News - June 25, 2019 Art activist group Vegan Club creates a new design inspired by the 17-year-old singer, who recently encouraged her 26 million social media followers to go vegan.

Vegan Street Art is Taking Over Los Angeles

Veg News - October 01, 2017 "Make it fun, make it like magic. You can change the world with small things."


The Vegan Club by Thrive Magazine

Thrive - November 28, 2016


You can now get Billie Eilish Vegan Club t-shirts

Living Kindly - June 25, 2019



Vegan Club founder Constantin, Le Fou with model Mary Kolende, designer Svetlana Penrose & Moby.


Constantin Philippou, born May 21, 1972, is a Greek self-taught vegan street artist who goes by the name L 3 F o u {le fou}, which means "the crazy" in French. Born in Greece, raised in Paris and currently living in Los Angeles, he has been drawing since the age of 4 and made his first sale of a copy of a Dali at his teenage years. He uses a combination of mediums for his artwork including graffiti, acrylic, stencil, 3D printing on canvas, walls or boards of any type. After discovering the living conditions of animals in factory farms. his theme has become mixing famous icons with vegan messages through pop art. One can see his passion for animals and justice through the direct messages of his work. His mission is showing viewers the current problems of the world, and how by making a small change, such as going vegan, one can help not only the injustices towards animals, but also the environment (drought, methane, …), world hunger and most of all his or her health. His art is currently represented by Lurie Gallery in Los Angeles and Miami. Next to Le Fou is Mary Kolende, artist and Vegan Club model and Svetlana Penrose, Vegan Club designer, artist, and photographer.



Peta - Co-Branding Collab with Peta & HippoWorks

Circle V - Co-Branding with Circle V Design Moo Shoes - Co-Branding Shoe Design with Moo Shoes







"Don't put your political views into fashion! Was about to buy some apparel, but I saw you guys had Anti Trump stuff and it's disgusting that you'd put your political views into FASHION" Amanda, Unhappy Trump Supporter

"Wife Xmas present... and we love all of your work... ordered beanie on pic but was told last minute that it was out of stock so I was offered a different option so I took it... other than that all was great... will continue to do biz with you guys" Johnny M., Happy Customer


Press Releases

November 28, 2018

Interactive Vegan Art Installation Rewards Participants With Special Celebrity Rap

September 15, 2017

Launch of Vegan Club Warriors



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