Top 10 Vegan Foods you can get from Amazon and Whole Foods

Written by Constantin Le Fou,

Trying to switch to a vegan diet but having a hard time finding products that taste awesome? Here are our top 10 recommended vegan foods you can get straight from Amazon or Whole Foods...

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1. Beyond Meat Burger ~ $6 (per pack of 4)

Also available at Carl's Junior... 

2. Beyond Sausage ~ $7 (per pack of 4)

Best vegan sausage, taste better than the "real" thing!


3. Vegg Vegan Egg Yolk ~ $13 (makes 34 eggs)

This vegan egg is a hidden gem, tastes and smells like the "real" thing...

4. Just Mayo ~ $18

Mamma mia, this mayo crushes any regular mayonnaise.



5. Earth Balance Vegan Butter ~ $4

Oh my, you won't tell any difference between this butter and the "real" butter.


6. Miyoko's Vegan Cheese ~ $9



7. Gardein Vegan Cripsy Chicken ~ $5


8. Unreal (Vegan M&M's) ~ $31 (6 bags)

So close to the real M&M's, it's kind of scary...


9. Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Vanilla Powder ~$32

Get all the daily nutrients by making one shake with this amazing tasting powder!


10. Wet Noses Vegan Organic Dog Treats ~ $30

Your vegan dogs will go crazy for these snacks! Highly recommended treats for training...


And that list can go on and on... It's hard to keep up with so many great new vegan products popping up every day. Please leave a comment below with your favorite vegan foods. And bon vegan apetit!


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