Take Action


For your next meal, opt out of the meat and dairy and into a plant-based dish instead. It’s easier than you can imagine. Here is a super-easy how-to-go-vegan guide that gives you step-by-step instructions on making the switch! Go ahead and join the Vegan Club today, and become part of the revolution. You know it's simply a matter of time... The future is vegan!

Learn from Wu-Tang Clan how we vegans do it by listening to their announcement below.


As a gift, download the Vegan Club posters for FREE below, then print them and spread the vegan love in your town.

Every time you buy at our store, a percentage of our sales goes to animal organizations, such as Mercy for Animals, Animal Equality, Farm Sanctuary, Animal Hope and Wellness, Gentle Barn, LA Animal Save, Love Always Sanctuary, Skylands Sanctuary, Best Friends Animal Society, NARD, and PETA.